Meet our awesome Caregiver Recruiter and Hiring Manager, Gisel Cross!

Gisel is a caregiver at heart, having served as one for many years. She came to Griswold Home Care Mesquite as a Caregiver, but soon moved into the recruiting and hiring manager position. Gisel loves her work and credits her grandmother (and best friend) for her passion for seniors. 

Learn all about Gisel, in her own words.


Gisel Cross

I was born in Houston, Texas to immigrant parents. My family is all from Montevideo, Uruguay. I am a first generation American. I didn’t know how to speak English until I was 8 years old; Spanish is my native tongue. 

I am married to my BEST friend, Marc Cross (married 26 years this year). We have two beautiful kids. Caleb is 25 and Joshua is 15. They are our pride and joys. I always wanted to be a boy mom, and God has blessed us with two handsome sons. 

Like most Caregivers, I started helping with care for my Weli (nickname for Abuela, grandmother in Spanish). She came to this country on the day that I came into this world. She was my best friend and the reason I love SENIORS!!! She taught me unconditional love and compassion for the most vulnerable of our community. 

I was recommended to Griswold through a mutual friend. I worked for a competitor (she also worked for them on the hospice side), and she recommended me to the owner, Mike Gibson. I met with him and and his wife, Lori — and the rest is history! I started working for him immediately as a Caregiver. I finally left the other agency and dedicated my services to Griswold. 

Three years later, I asked Mike if he needed help with hiring and/or mundane office ‘stuff’ to let me know and that I would be more than happy to help us grow. Mike said,  “If you are serious let’s do it.” Here I am, one year into my new position as Caregiver Recruiter & Hiring Manager…….AND I LOVE IT!! I am still a Caregiver at heart and am passionate about helping other Caregivers be the BEST they can be!! I am so grateful for this opportunity to grow as an individual, but better yet to help GROW GRISWOLD!!