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Your Brain Exercise of the Week ~ May 22, 2023

Working on your cognition is an important part of keeping your mind sharp and maintaining independence. One way to target your cognitive skills is to complete one or both of the tasks below.

*Remember, for this cognitive activity to qualify as a brain fitness exercise, you should participate at a level that is challenging for you.


Using mental math and visual imagery skills, solve the problem listed.

You have a doctors appointment scheduled for 2:30PM, but it takes 25 minutes to travel there. It takes you 45 minutes to get ready to leave and you need to walk your dog before leaving which takes another 10 minutes. What is the very latest you should start getting ready to leave for your appointment?

Extra challenge: It is raining outside and the traffic may be slow. Adding in 15 minutes of traffic/travel delays, what is the very latest you should start getting ready?

If the exercise above feels too challenging, try this modification:

Use written calculations or a calculator and solve the problem above.


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