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Your Brain Exercise of the Week ~ November 7, 2022

Working on your cognition is an important part of keeping your mind sharp and maintaining independence. One way to target your cognitive skills is to complete one or both of the tasks below.

*Remember, for this cognitive activity to qualify as a brain fitness exercise, you should participate at a level that is challenging for you.


You have $30.00 available to spend to complete all of your errands. Estimate the cost of each item and add these together for the total. Were you under or over your budget of $30.00? If you were under, what amount of money would you have left to spend? If you were over the $30.00 amount, by how much were you over?


Pick up birthday card for a friend and a stamp to mail the card; buy a box of tissues; buy a gallon of milk and a box of cereal at your grocery store.

If the exercise above feels too challenging, try this modification:
You have several errands to run. Estimate the cost associated with completing each errand. You can write down each estimate and add them together on a seperate piece of paper, or you can total them using mental math. Determine the total money spent to compete your errands.

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