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Your Brain Exercise of the Week ~ November 29th, 2021

Working on your cognition is an important part of keeping your mind sharp and maintaining independence. One way to target your cognitive skills is to complete one or both of the tasks below.

*Remember, for this cognitive activity to qualify as a brain fitness exercise, you should participate at a level that is challenging for you.



Using mental math and visual imagery skills, solve the problem below. 

You agree to help organize the food for your granddaughter’s birthday party. You will need to order pizza and pick up cupcakes for the 20 party guests: 10 adults and 10 children. Your favorite pizza shop reports that their large pizza has 8 slices.

If each adult will eat 2 pieces of pizza and each child will eat slice, how many total slices of pizza will you need?  How many large pizzas should you order?

You also plan to offer each guest a cupcake for dessert,  how many dozen cupcakes should be purchased to feed all of the guests?

If the exercise above feels too challenging, try this modification:

Using written calculations or a calculator, solve the problem listed. 

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